Pure Copper parts using Metal Additive Manufacturing

NEWS ... PURE COPPER PARTS from our R+D team, representing a significant move forward in material development …

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Titanium swirlers made via metal industrial additive manufacturing

METAL AM PRODUCTION ... Titanium Swirlers built using Metal Additive Manufacturing to AS9100 standards ...

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Flame Retardant plastic for additive manufacturing

NEWS ... FLAME RETARDANT NYLON is launched by 3T - for end use, production volume parts made via plastic Additive Manufacturing ...

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BAE Systems window breather pipe

PLASTIC AM PRODUCTION ... Plastic Additive Manufacturing production for BAE Systems replacement window breather pipe ...

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TESTIMONIALS ... Find out more about what our customers say about us. We're proud to work with some leading companies in F1, Aerospace, Medical and Architectural and many other sectors …

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The Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton's titanium lattice

NEWS ... After the success of the Commonwealth Games, see how 3T RPD made the titanium lattice of the Queen's Baton ...

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3D printing gallery

GALLERY ... looking for inspiration for your next additive manufacture design? Visit our new gallery page to see a range of our work ...

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Coloured plastic AM parts

PRODUCTION ... 3T offers a range of finishes for its additive manufactured parts for end use, meaning customers can have multiple identical parts ... or make each one different ...

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3T RPD Ltd – building plastic and metal Additive Manufactured parts for end use and prototyping

3T RPD is a market leading production Additive Manufacturing company. Our production facilities build components for customers in a range of industries including aerospace, motorsport (F1) and the medical sector. We manufacture production quantity parts for end usage alongside one-off or prototypes in a range of metal alloys and plastics.