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UKs First M 280

11 November 2011 ...

UK’s First M 280
3T has installed the UK’s first EOSINT M 280 Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) machine. The EOSINT M 280 is the most advanced DMLS machine in the world and has a number of technical innovations that offer significant benefits to customers.

3T now has four EOS Metal AM machines with the new machine effectively increasing the DMLS capacity by 60%. This will mean that customers who want to design parts for Metal Additive Manufacturing will have extra confidence in the capacity of 3T to meet their needs.

The new EOSINT M 280 has a 400 Watt laser. The more powerful laser results in faster build times (it has the potential to better than halve build times compared to its predecessor). The high specification laser also allows for even finer detailing in the design of a part.

The build chamber is deeper allowing customers to design geometries up to 325mm tall.

The M 280’s gas management system operates under both argon and nitrogen allowing a wider range of materials to be produced, again giving greater choice to customers.

More detailed information on the machine specification can be found on our DMLS machine specification page.

The new machine gives 3T the capability of building aluminium parts for the first time. Demand for aluminium Metal Additive Manufactured parts has been growing – particularly from the aerospace and F1 / motor sports sectors. 3T will initially be working with AlSi10Mg. More detailed information is available on our full technical specification.

Aluminium is seen as the metal of choice in a number of circumstances such as those where light weight is an advantage or for applications with high load requirements. Aluminium is also seen as a key material for prototyping. 3T will be working to develop further aluminium alloys.

Range of metals
3T now offers a comprehensive range of metal and high performance metal alloys for all Metal AM. In addition to Aluminium, 3T’s metal capability includes Titanium, Nickel Alloy, Cobalt Chrome, Maraging Steel and Stainless Steel. More information on all DMLS materials can be found on the DMLS materials page.

Collaborative Research and Development Phase
As part of 3T’s commitment to customer service, the company has announced a collaborative research and development phase. Experience shows that working more closely with customers results in better outcomes with parts produced that take full advantage of the benefits of additive layer manufacturing.

If you’d like to talk to one of our Metal AM specialists about your needs and how we can work with you, please email us or telephone and ask to speak to a member of the metal projects team.

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