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SLS Materials

We use the laser sintering materials Nylon 12, Glass-Filled Nylon 12, Flame Retardant Nylon 12 and ‘Tough Black’ PA 1102 to produce plastic AM parts.  With the UK’s largest plastic AM facility we are able to offer customers a comprehensive range of 3D printing materials to meet all their needs.

All our Nylon materials provide good long term stability, strength and durability.

Nylon 12

By far the most common laser sintering material, parts have good long term stability, offering resistance to most chemicals. Complexity is irrelevant. Delivers the impact strength and durability required for functional testing. Tensile and flexural strength combine to make tough prototypes, with the flex associated with many production thermoplastics.

Glass Filled Nylon 12

Glass Filled variant of Nylon 12. This laser sintering material provides greater rigidity, perfect when prototyping rigid parts intended for production in advanced engineered thermoplastics, and is the right choice for functional testing. Form, fit and functional testing can now be completed without sacrifice. The filler is glass bead and not fibre; part predominantly increases in stiffness but not strength.

Flame Retardant Nylon 12

PA 2241 FR is a flame retardant polyamide 12.  This 3D printing material contains a halogen-based flame retardant.  In the event of a fire, the inert gas, halogen, is released which starves the flames of oxygen and so extinguishes them. The PA 2241 FR powder has been tested to JAR/FAR (aviation) for flammability and smoke generation.  The built material has excellent mechanical properties and good tensile strength.  It is expected that flame retardant plastic AM parts will be ordered by customers who want end use, production volume parts for use in, for example, public transport, construction or the electrical and electronics sectors.  It is an excellent laser sintering material for customers wanting legacy parts where the original tooling moulds have been lost or damaged.  Mainly due to its recyclability, the material is economical, enabling low-cost part production. See our ‘news’ page for further information.

‘Tough Black’ PA 1102

‘Tough Black’ PA 1102, made from a renewable resource, castor beans, is a flexible product making it particularly suited to production of end use parts requiring flex or which have living hinges, clips, latches or other closures. Parts which are in situations of heavy use will benefit from being produced in PA 11 ‘Tough Black’ as the resulting part will be tough and will wear well, will be resilient and resistant to shattering or splitting. The ‘Tough Black’ powder is “mass coloured” which means that each particle of the nylon powder is solid black.  See our ‘news’ page for further information.


Innervision Technology - iPad case for medical usesPlastic AM Spring with permanent surface colouring Garmin mounts using Plastic AM

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