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Plastic Additive Manufacturing Case Studies

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    Plastic AM for radio-controlled Spaceplanes

    Plastic 3D printing has assisted in the development of moulds to be used as fuselages for flying radio-controlled Swift Mark4 Spaceplane models …

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  • Car headlight made in plastic 3D printing

    Supercar head and tail light casings using plastic AM

    Rimac Automobili have used our plastic Additive Manufacturing services to produce the headlamp and tail light casings for their latest electric Supercar, the Concept_One.

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  • 3D printed oil rig platform

    3D Printing for Oil Rig model

    Plastic 3D Printing has created a stunning 1:100 scale model of the Ivar Aasen oil rig platform. Commissioned by Norwegian company Det Norske, it was the centre piece of their stand at the Offshore Northern Seas 2014 annual show held in Stavangar, Norway ...

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  • Plastic AM part for rev b on car

    3D Printing Car Part for BRC Automotive – Case Study

    BRC Automotive have used Plastic AM to incorporate design features into their Inlet Manifolds that were previously unachievable using traditional methods. Allowing them to test and then make small design modifications removed the worry of expensive re-tooling costs, giving them fast turnaround and cost-effective parts …

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    Works of art using Plastic AM

    Artist Michael Eden uses Plastic Additive Manufacturing to create stunning works of art in a way that was previously impossible. The process enables him to design intricate details into his works, and 3T’s in-house finishing team use their own specialist techniques to colour each piece to an exact RAL colour, with a soft touch mineral coating …

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  • SMT Casing For Web

    Plastic AM gearbox prototype gives superb results

    Plastic Additive Manufacturing was used by our customer to produce a gearbox prototype to prove their design, as well as ensure that it assembled as required, would fit into the desired space and give a 'hands on' appreciation of the new product ...

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  • Award

    Plastic AM mass production of conference gifts

    Demonstrating the true production capability of plastic Additive Manufacturing together with our post-processing capabilities, we built and hand finished 2,500 identical awards in just 19 days, taking a total of 540 hours to build ...

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  • BAE Breather Pipe

    AM Production for Aerospace

    Working with our customer BAE, we have produced batches of breather pipes which are now being used by their customers on in-service aircraft. By using Plastic AM rather than traditional manufacturing methods, the project leadtime was reduced from six months to just four weeks ...

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    CAD expertise assists art installation

    Working with Ron Arad on his “In Reverse” art installation, our in-house CAD services and fast build times enabled the plastic pieces to be built, assembled and shipped within very tight timescales ...

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  • Snow Machine with Plastic AM Nozzle

    Snow machines benefit from Plastic AM

    Snow Business is using Plastic AM to produce the nozzles for their falling snow machines, taking advantage of 3T’s fast turnaround and finishing techniques, thereby saving them considerable time and expense compared to previous methods. The aerodynamic performance of the nozzle is enhanced, and they have the ability to quickly change and test a design …

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