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Additive Manufacturing Services

Our Additive Manufacturing (AM) services – also referred to as 3D Printing – produce functional, aesthetic plastic parts using Selective Laser Sintering and complex, lightweight metal parts using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), in a range of high performance materials.

These layer-based technologies produce anything from a one-off Additive Manufactured prototype for design approval, trial and test, through to end-use production components to be used in true working environments. With the ability to produce living hinge and snap fittings, previous assemblies can now be built as a single piece incorporating these features into the design, thereby increasing functionality and eliminating the need for time consuming post-assembly.

Produced directly from 3D CAD data, complexity of design and geometry becomes more achievable with our printing services. Intricate details can be easily replicated whilst previously ‘impossible’ structures and forms can also be created. Additive Manufacturing (AM) can fuse together layers of nylon or metal powders via a computer-directed heat laser, creating undercuts, channel through sections, tubes within tubes and internal voids. Our rapid prototyping services free up designers to create parts in new ways that can be used in a range of high performance applications including Aerospace, tooling for injection moulding or die casting, medical devices or Formula 1 cars, withstanding rigorous testing at high temperatures in some extremely demanding environments.

Our 3D printing services are fast, accurate and cost-effective when producing prototypes as well as top quality production parts for testing or final production components. Rapid prototyping can build lightweight parts with complex geometries which might not have been possible using traditional manufacturing techniques. Our Additive Manufacturing (AM) services are used across a vast range of industry sectors.

Watch our Additive Manufacturing (AM) videos which take you through the processes step by step, from beginning to end:-


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(There is no sound with this video) Find out more about Plastic Additive Manufacturing

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