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Zaha Hadid – accurate architectural model

rendered-artists-impression-1296728695     sls-prototype-model-1296728785

The Brief:
Zaha Hadid Architects wanted to produce a powerful 3D model over 2m long to give visual impact for presentation purposes of the Guggenheim Museum in Taichung, Taiwan. The proposal was based on the concept of the museum as an ever-changing event space.

The Solution:
Due to the complex organic forms of Zaha Hadid’s design and the need to show an accurately presented final design, plastic Additive Manufacturing (AM) was deemed the best solution for achieving and meeting their requirements. To place the building in context, the laser sintered ‘building’ was merged with a CNC ‘landscape’ to underline the synergy of the proposal. The resulting 3D model gave an incredible visual image of the proposed building when compared alongside the computer generated artist’s impression, allowing the Mayor’s office to see, touch and feel an actual tactile scale version of the proposal.

3T RPD Ltd produced scale models using their Selective Laser Sintering technology, which were delivered as an architectural presentation to the office of the Mayor of Taichung, to promote the project. This is now under consideration whilst funding is being negotiated for the full development of the project.

Plastic AM is a modern technology enabling 3D computer generated data to be converted into a tactile 3D model, giving functional form and visual impact. Plastic AM is a cost-effective, quick and extremely accurate process when compared to more traditional model-making techniques.

The Result:
Dillon Lin, Project Architect for Zaha Hadid, says “The plastic AM piece gave a very convincing presentation model that the Mayor of Taichung is putting to good use in promoting the project. When accuracy is required with complex forms, plastic AM proves to be an economic process for producing models of these forms when compared to other, more expensive options, including making them by hand, which is extremely labour intensive.”

Extra bits:
3T’s suite of plastic AM machines allows single piece parts to be built up to 700mm x 380mm x 580mm, and their unique joining process enables larger components to be built in several pieces and assembled, with form and functionality unaffected.

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