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VR Technology – better finished production parts

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The Brief:
VR Technology is the world’s most innovative diving technology company.  It makes diving equipment such as dive computers and underwater breathing equipment and has a world-wide market and reputation.

VR Technology came to 3T with the challenge of producing the bezel for their latest NHeO dive computer.  Prior to working with 3T, the part was produced using CNC machined aluminium and then anodised.  In coming to 3T, they wanted the part faster and with better finishing options.

The Solution:
3T produced the bezel in nylon using their plastic Additive Manufacturing (AM) process, which was then vibro finished and sprayed black.

The Result:
3T produced a part with a better finishing option than the previous production method.  Follow up orders have been placed and the next generation of bezels will be made and sprayed with a silver finish, demonstrating that having a variety of finishes available for the final product is a benefit to VR Technology.

The customer also found that they could get a faster turn around from design through ordering to delivery.  Additionally, VR Technology realised that for a low volume, specialist part made for a technical product at the forefront of its field, using plastic AM means that there is the opportunity to tweak the design and produce new iterations easily and quickly, and continue to move the product development forward.  And any revisions can be made without the expense of creating new production tooling.

Speaking about 3T and the process, VR Technology founder Kevin Gurr said:  “Working with 3T has opened our eyes to the potential of additive manufacturing.  The laser sintering system has consistently delivered high quality finished parts, which not only deliver technically, but also aesthetically.  The ability to tweak our designs to produce a new twist for our products has been a real advantage. This technology has quickly become a default choice for VR Technology.”

Extra bits:
This highly technical, development company, is now experienced in the benefits of additive manufacturing and is using plastic additive manufacturing as its primary prototyping technology – especially in the larger, more complex parts.  It is also reaping the benefits of using plastic Additive Manufacturing for tool-less manufacturing.

VR Technology is also using additive manufactured parts to prove design in its underwater breathing apparatus – the Sentinel closed circuit rebreather.

All VR Technology products are used by sports divers, commercial divers and military divers all round the world.

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