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Triple Eight Race Engineering – reduced design time

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The Brief:
Whilst Triple Eight have their own in-house design department with state-of-the-art drawing office facilities, they currently outsource all their carbon fibre work.  This involves the machining of complex tooling prior to the production of their carbon components, which can result in long leadtimes.  The Motorsport industry demands fast turnaround and new designs of components need to be built and tested in extremely short timescales.  Triple Eight’s designers therefore decided to explore Rapid Prototyping as an alternative method.  Wanting to identify the potential benefits of using Selective Laser Sintering technology in the development of their prototype race car engines, they embarked on a testing programme in conjunction with 3T RPD Ltd.

The Solution:
3T’s team of Engineers are experts in their field and their knowledge of both their CAD systems and Laser Sintering machines ensures that they consistently produce accurate, functional parts with the best surface finish and mechanical properties possible.  Prior to building the component, 3T’s CAD Engineers determined the best orientation for the part to be built in to ensure that the surface finish generated would be of the highest quality within the flow outlets.

The Result:
Graham Lawrence, Design Engineer at Triple Eight Racing says “This project with 3T has given us the confidence in geometrical conformity and material strength when using rapid prototyped parts on the engine dyno.  The advantages of this become very clear when you can have a number of parts from conception, through the plastic AM process, inspected, built up and on the dyno within 2 weeks.  The nature of plastic AM components gives freedom of design for development work, as complex tooling can be discarded until final race systems have to be produced, reducing design time and manufacturing costs.  The next stage will be the use of rapid prototyped parts in dynamic application on the circuit.”

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