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RPG Manufacturing – model success

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The Brief:
RPG Manufacturing is a new company that makes miniature models for collectors, wargamers and role playing.  They are focusing on producing accurate models and came to 3T to discover if additive manufacturing (AM) could play a part in producing models.

The Solution:
By producing a number of sample parts, 3T was able to demonstrate that plastic AM could deliver the detail and robustness customers in this specialist area demand.  Also, the surface finish of the models has proved ideal for gamers to paint.

The Result:
This is the first time that this market has used the technology and RPG is now placing production orders with 3T.

Alan Bunn of RPG Manufacturing said:

“RPG’s customers are very discerning and so attention to detail is essential.  As no tooling is required, there is never a deterioration of quality and detailing with large production numbers as is often the case with moulded or cast models.  Added to which, the process allows complex shapes to be made in one piece, so there is no assembly required.

“To create different scales of an existing model only requires us to make minor changes to the scaling on the CAD data – not produce an expensive new mould tool – which means that we can, relatively easily, offer models at scales to cover the whole spectrum of the Wargaming and Modelling markets.

“The excellent communication between ourselves and 3T ensures that the tanks we receive are of the standard we need and are delivered on time.

“We see AM as an important tool in this industry.”

Extra Bits:
RPG has sent a number of models to reviewers at magazines who write on gaming sites.  They have received very positive reviews.  These include:

“The CromwellI is as fine a model as I have seen.  Highly recommended as a high quality model.”  (Miniature Wargames magazine)

“The detail on these models is as good as you could wish for.  The Nylon seems quite tough and durable, well suited for the rigours of table top play.”  (Battlegames magazine)

“The detail is very good.  Also impressive is the fact the model is a single cast.”  (Wargames Soldiers and Strategies magazine)

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