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Plastic AM for radio-controlled Spaceplanes

“Just received my printed parts, and they’re superb! The level of detail is amazing, and the whole lot weighs only 52 grams, which is lighter than I could have achieved with balsawood or foam. A big thank you to all the staff at 3T … I’ll certainly be recommending you.  Rick Newlands, Aspirespace, a very satisfied customer!

Rick explains “The plastic 3D printed parts (images below) were used to make plugs from which we made moulds (bottom image). We’re in the process of taking fibreglass mouldings from these moulds to use as fuselages for our flying radio-controlled Swift Mark4 Spaceplane models. We’ve made a few mistakes so far with the fibreglass vacuum-bagging process, but we’re learning and we’ll get there! The 3D printed (additive manufactured) parts were expensive for our subscription-funded society, but the time saved and the quality of the prints, more than made up for that.”

image-2 image-1

Mouldings taken from 3D printed parts

Mouldings taken from 3D printed parts

Further details on the Aspirespace website.