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Jordan Askill Sculptor – complex organic shape

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The Brief:
Jordan wanted to create an object that would accompany pieces of his sculptural jewellery to represent an organic shape in one complete piece with a high level of detail, whilst demonstrating the use of innovative technology.

The Solution:
Creating a piece that was completely symmetrical and intricate, plastic AM enabled Jordan to incorporate open and closed spaces which would have been impossible if cast in one piece. Furthermore, the process was extremely time-efficient compared to other more traditional model-making techniques.

Jordan was striving to achieve a piece that could look like old sculpture but also resemble an organic material at the same time. The white nylon material used in the plastic AM process has a granular, natural appearance which met his requirements perfectly.

The Result:
Jordan says “I wanted an end product that could be detailed and adapt easily into another scale and the plastic AM process carries through my love for 3D scanning. I intend to experiment with this process in the future to find out ways in which the material can be timeless. This end result and process has been invaluable in exploring a possible solution of developing my ideas.”

Extra bits:
Designer Jordan Askill has had a prolific rise over the last few years, researching and developing his own high concept yet beautifully wearable jewellery collection. His other passion, sculpture, is also being recognised with 3D pieces which have been created using the latest technology, resulting in sculptures that are at once organic in shape yet with their foundations firmly in the 21st century.

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