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Plastic AM Finishing guide is launched

09 August 2013 ...

We are pleased to announce that our new online guide to Plastic AM Finishing is now live, explaining and showing examples of how our team of skilled finishers and modelmakers use a variety of in-house techniques and bespoke finishing processes to produce the best possible parts for our customers.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) creates parts that can be used in a variety of applications and environments, from functional testing and assembly trials, through to marketing models or final production items, in a vast range of industry sectors.  We have the ability to combine functionality with high quality aesthetics, tailored to meet the requirements of our customers to suit the application of their parts.

Whilst the layer based construction techniques of plastic AM offer significant benefits in terms of build speed, it can sometimes give a stepped surface finish.  From a purely functional aspect this is seldom a problem, however from the aesthetic perspective they may require additional finishing.

Our specialist team can apply a range of finishes, from simply adding a permanent surface colour or highlighting certain areas, to fully finished marketing models.  Our Vibro Finishing machine gives a smooth finish on parts, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional by-hand techniques.  Furthermore, our team of finishers can incorporate customers’ mechanical components, inserts or screw threads, and full assemblies can be carried out prior to shipment.  Our metallised plating service provides further options for high quality finishes and we have design guidelines for including text and logos on plastic parts.

The resulting finished models or prototype parts can play a vital role in functionality testing, securing tender bids, design verification and marketing photography.  Finished parts are often comparable to the final manufactured item, with minimal time added to the delivery.

Find out more about our bespoke finishing services here, or to obtain further information on the options available or a quotation for your specific project, contact our Projects Team at




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