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M 280 benefit for customers

14 November 2011 ...

3T announces we have installed the UK’s first EOSINT M 280 machine.  This machine offers significant benefits to customers as it can produce bigger parts, faster and in a wider range of metals.

The additional machine brings our metal additive manufacturing machine count to four.  This increased capacity creates more production opportunities for customers with increased responsiveness, flexibility and speed.

Speaking about the potential for the new machine, Ian Halliday, CEO of 3T said:  “We have been receiving requests from aerospace OEMs and motorsport customers for lightweight structures in aluminium alloys.  Installing the UK’s first commercial M 280 will enable us to service those requests and also to develop a range of new alloys which will enhance the capabilities of AM in reducing carbon emissions.”

We are also announcing a collaborative research and development phase and invite customers to work with us as they design lightweight parts in alloys for the additive manufacturing process.

“By announcing this C R and D phase, we want to work closely with our customers, because we believe the closer the cooperation, the better the outcome.  Indeed by getting involved with our customers during the early design stages, we help them capitalise on the many benefits of the technology with the result that the finished part often exceeds their original design specifications.”

We already produce high performance, safety critical parts for F1, aerospace and medical uses, demonstrating the confidence in, and the commercial potential of, the technology.

Alongside the bigger build chamber, the most significant technical innovation on the M 280 is the inclusion of a 400 Watt laser.  This more powerful laser results in a dramatically faster build time (it has the potential to better than halve build times).   The high specification laser also allows for even finer detailing in the design of a part.

Halliday explains the benefits:  “The 400 Watt laser will allow us to respond to customers’ urgent orders more rapidly.  With an effective 60% increase in capacity we will also be better able to service customers who want to use metal AM for production and that will give engineers the confidence to design for the DMLS process knowing we have the capacity to supply.”

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