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Le Tour et Fini – The Tour De France is (almost!) over

21 July 2017 ...

Le Tour is almost over and the winner will have battled with his team against mountains, cobbles, rain, seering sunshine and his own self doubt to win the right to wear the winner’s jersey.

Starting in Düsseldorf, Germany, the riders have travelled through four countries and all parts of l’hexagon, as the French call their country. The final day is more of a coronation than a contest with the competition having been settled the day before, starting with a champagne breakfast before the riders settle for their glorious laps of Paris’ most exclusive street. Le Tour will have taken its toll on the riders and their bikes, with each team budgeting on riders consuming more than 2,000 flapjacks, more than 2,500 drink bottles and they will have burnt more than 70,000 calories.

Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing as it is better known, has had a key role in the development of elite cycles. It is used to increase strength and lower the weight of components to ensure that each rider can squeeze the maximum performance out his bike.

We have produced a video and infographic showing how many 3D printed bike parts can be used in cycle production.

If you are a successful cycle team, just gearing up for the next race in the Grand Tour, or you have a project that you would like to discuss, click here to contact us to discuss how we can create 3D printed bike parts for your team.

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