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Interreg 2 Seas Programme R&D project

16 November 2016 ...

As one of Europe’s leading producers of Additive Manufacturing (AM) parts we are pleased to be part of an Interreg 2Seas Programme. This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Our R&D team are working with colleagues across Europe on this project titled ‘Integrating metal 3D printing and flexible post-processing’. The European project is focused on developing the post-processing stages of (AM) manufacturing technology.

Our involvement in this project is a key step in the journey of AM from an emergent technology to a key part of companies’ manufacturing processes in Industry 4.0. As a leader in AM production 3T RPD is proud to be taking part in this key research which will help AM to reach its full potential in the production and the supply of manufactured parts.

The project aligns the AM expertise, skills, facilities and research capacity across the European 2Seas region. It will assist AM stakeholders to be better able to meet the needs of the aviation, maritime and semi-conductor industries in the 2Seas area. The knowledge that the project develops will be used to design, develop and implement fast and affordable AM post-processing solutions which can best utilize the existing AM production technology. These will be combined to create a powerful and integrated system for the post-processing of AM products in the future.

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