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Golf and AM – Getting you to the 18th hole

13 July 2017 ...

The Open at Royal Birkdale begins on Sunday.

The tournament, with the winner picking up a cool $1.85m, is a thrilling competition between the World’s best golfers who battle to win the Claret Jug. As a sport that needs dexterity, concentration and skill, it is probably a slight surprise to read an article about golf and Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D Printing, but golf is another area where AM is adding value and improving the tools and products that are used today.

The key area that AM is being experimented with is in the production of unique and ultra-efficient putters. AM’s ability to fuse shapes together and create internal voids is giving the putter manufacturers the opportunity to lighten and change the shape of their putters. This allows them to create putter shapes that are unrestrained by the constraints that subtractive manufacturing methods put on the production process.

More than just putters, all golf manufacturers are looking at whether they can use AM to make other golf items. Today it is possible to make a wide range of golf essentials, from golf tees and trolleys using AM.

We know that many of our readers would rather be on the golf course than in the office, so we have created an infographic that celebrates the The Open and the products that the golf industry is already using AM for.

If you want to find out how 3T RPD can help your next project get a ‘hole in one’ by using AM, contact us by clicking here.

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