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Flying High with Queen and Crawford

11 January 2012 ...

3T customer Queen and Crawford has recently completed the fabrication of a giant kite for Heather & Ivan Morison.   We were delighted to build the 6,000+ joints for this amazing piece of work.  Called ‘The Shining Man’, it is a sculpture which has the potential for flight.  See the piece fulfil that potential when it was flown on the beach in Jersey in the video below.  There’s more information about the ‘The Shining Man’ here and to find out more about the production of the piece, check out Queen and Crawford’s case study.  If you want to know more about the plastic Additive Manufactured parts we made – give us a ring or drop us a mail at

Little Shining Man from Heather and Ivan Morison on Vimeo.

The Daily Mail also features the sculpture on its science pages.  The article includes lots of images and some of design plans.  It also reports:  Queen and Crawford “worked closely with 3TRPD in Newbury who are at the cutting edge of the Rapid Prototyping Industry. Printing the joints (using additive manufacturing) allowed design, production, testing and refinement in a short time frame.”  Thanks Daily Mail!

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