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Plastic Finishing Grades

Varying finishes can be achieved and we offer 5 standard plastic finishing grades, from a light blasting over or a dusting of paint on identified surfaces, to the majority of the layering removed from the external surfaces and paint or a permanent surface colouring applied.

Grade 5 Parts direct from the machine and blasted.
Grade 4 Vibro finished either on a 2 or 4 hour cycle, smoothing the surface. Suitability for this process is dependent upon geometry of the parts and layering may still remain.
Grade 3 Parts are painted on identified surfaces or they are given a permanent surface colouring (see below). Both these processes can be applied directly to a Grade 4 or 5 finish. If applied to a Grade 5 finish this will leave the original surface finish but just change the colour of the part. If permanent colour is applied to a Grade 4 finish the depth of the colour may not be as deep as when applied to a Grade 5 part.
Grade 2 Parts have the majority of the layering removed from the external surface, dependent on geometry. They are then painted with either a primer or top coat paint.
Grade 1 As per Grade 2 but with the addition of texture to the painted surface.


As the level of plastic finishing grade is directly related to component cost it is important not to over specify the requirement.  Frequently the optimum is to select different parts to different grades of finish.  For example, a batch of 50 parts could be split into 2 for assembly and aesthetic review (Grade 1), 5 for general assembly and review (Grade 2 or 3) and 43 for trials (Grade 4 or 5).  This approach minimises cost and maximises speed of response.

Other specific options are available, including a fully finished marketing model or assembly with Inserts and mechanical components.  To obtain a quote for your plastic finishing requirements, please contact our Sales Team at


Plastic AM part being spray painted by hand in 3T’s paint booth

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