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3D Printed Art Using Additive Manufacturing

27 May 2017 ...

What is the connection between classical Wedgewood Pottery vases and Additive Manufacturing? At first glance there is not an obvious connection, but this is a question that has been addressed by Michael Eden, one of the UK’s leading potters and Additive Manufacturing artist in his latest exhibition, Michael Eden: Wedgewood and Wouldn’t at the Bowes Museum, Co. Durham.

Eden has been working with 3D printing and 3T RPD for a number of years and we have covered in previous news items how he has been able to create amazing, repeatable, 3D printed artworks using Additive Manufacturing. His latest exhibition builds on these fantastic designs, and takes inspiration from the same inspiration that drove Wedgewood’s vase designs, namely classical Greece.

Taking the beautiful shape of the classical Greek and Wedgewood vases, Eden has followed the Greek vase by depicting everyday scenes from the 21st Century rather than ancient Greece on his AM printed vases. The Bowes museum has an eclectic collection of Wedgewood vases, so visitors will be able to compare the two side by side. His AM vases update the form, so instead of classical ‘Olympic’ scenes his vases are covered in images ‘derived from popular culture’ such as Strictly Come Dancing, and the X Factor.

The fantastic forms which Eden demands are only by Additive Manufacture. The AM process has ideally met Eden’s needs for complexity and repeatability. 3T is utilising these AM production benefits for a number of customers in the aerospace industry who, while not covering their products in scenes from daily life also use the benefits of complexity and repeatability that AM production brings.

The exhibition runs from the 27th May until the 17th September at Bowes Castle and not only features his amazing 3D printed art, but also includes a video created by 3T explaining the process by which AM products are made.

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