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Design for AM

03 October 2017 ...

How do engineers get the best out of Additive Manufacturing (AM), sometimes known as 3D printing? Is it true that engineers can simply transpose their designs based on extractive manufacturing for use in Additive Manufacturing?

The answer to both these questions is that in order for engineers to get the best out of AM their component or product needs to be designed with AM in mind.

To illustrate this, 3T RPD recently worked with a customer to produce a product for an arduous application. The new design was to replace an existing part and it would be subject to enormous acceleration forces, then held in a static position in a cold and hostile environment. The existing part was fabricated and machined.

By working with 3T RPD’s design team in order to take advantage of the possibilities of AM, a new product was developed that not only reduced the number of parts and the component’s weight, it also increased its stiffness and made it more elegant than the original part that it replaced.

Our design team specialises in working with customers to optimise product designs for AM production. The team will work with your engineers to ensure that your product’s design takes advantage of the benefits offered by AM.

Our video shows how 3T’s design team created a concept manifold that simply could not be built through the traditional methods of casting and machining.

If you are working on a new component that you would like manufactured by AM, why not speak to our design department today to benefit from their experience of product optimisation?

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