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Sending us your data

There are various ways in which you can send us your 3D CAD data for quotation depending on the size of your data files, and we always endeavour to email you a quotation within 24 hours.

Via email

The easiest and quickest way to send your data is to attach it to an email and send it to However, the maximum file size that we can receive is approx. 30MB, and you may need to check if there are any limitations at your end.  Please ensure that you include in the covering email your contact details and any relevant information regarding materials, quantities, finishing, delivery requirements etc.

Online Request a Quote

Alternatively, you may complete our online Request a Quote form with all of your requirements and attach your data, which is then sent to us. Again, there is a limit on the size of data that can be transmitted through this means, and the maximum file size is 10MB.

Online Ordering (Plastic Only)

A new addition to our capability allows us to instantly price smaller plastic parts, enabling direct online orders. There is a file size limit on this system of 50MB and while we can accept most common 3D formats, we cannot accept any compressed files.

FTP site

You can upload your data directly to our secure FTP site, and there are no restrictions on file size (although you may want to check if there are any limitations at your end).  Simply call our Sales Team on +44 (0)1635 580284 and they will email you instructions on how to upload your files, together with a username and password.

Data Format

We use a number of CAD systems internally, and have the capability to open the majority of 3D CAD files – click here for a full list. 2D drawings however do not contain enough information for us to be able to provide an accurate quote and therefore a 2D-3D conversion is required. This is a service our design team can offer so please contact us for details. The .STL and .STEP file formats have become the standard data transmission method for the Additive Manufacturing industry, with the preferred format being .STL for plastic AM parts, and .STEP for metal AM (DMLS) parts. Almost all of today’s CAD systems are capable of producing .STL and .STEP files and the process is often as simple as selecting File, Save As, .STL/.STEP. For further information on how to generate a good .STL file, click here and you can read our Guide to Architectural modelling here.

File Compression

Whilst our file size limitations should be sufficient for the majority of data, more complex, high resolution data could be larger than our accepted limits. In this case it is possible to either send us your data via secure FTP (see above) or compress your data down to a more suitable size. (Please not compressed files are not accepted by our online ordering system)

Most modern operating systems come with the option to create compressed folders from a part or parts which can then be sent on to us. However commercial products such as WinZip and WinRAR are also available for a more complete solution.


We are acutely aware of the confidentiality issues relating to the many parts we build for our customers, and as such are always happy to complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Please contact us and we will forward our standard agreement to you, signed by our CEO. A copy of our Privacy Statement can be found here.

Guide to Doing Business

Our Guide to Doing Business will give you details of how to place an order, set up an account and explain our delivery and returns policy. You can download the Credit Account Application form here, together with our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Code of Conduct.

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