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Dan France gets his 2 seconds of fame!

05 August 2016 ...

Our Metals Sales Manager, Dan France, has received his 2 seconds of fame in a video reviewing the recent SpaceTech Expo that 3T exhibited at in Pasadena, USA.  Fast forward to 2mins 7secs to see Dan in action on our exhibition stand!

Dan on SpaceTech Stand

Attending this Expo for the first time, we showcased our latest material developments including Pure Copper, Commercially Pure Titanium, Tungsten and Flame Retardant Nylon.

Our in-house R&D team produced our first successful Pure Copper product, a Concept Heat Exchanger, demonstrating the material’s thermal and electrical conductivity properties.  Metal AM technology has previously only been used to produce Copper Alloy products, never a Pure Copper part.

More recently, we launched Commercially Pure Titanium. This well-known light metal is characterised by ductility and corrosion resistance combined with low specific weight and biocompatibility, making it ideal for many high-performance engineering applications within aerospace, the chemical industry, offshore applications and production of biomedical implants.

The range of AM parts on our stand at SpaceTech demonstrated how the technology is increasingly being used for low volume and series production of end-use components, as well as one-off prototype parts.

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