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Commonwealth Games Baton

22 October 2013 ...

As the Queen’s Baton Relay begins, the BBC has produced a documentary on the story of the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton.  It follows the design by 4c Design and the production of all four elements – the wooden handle, the titanium lattice frame, the gemstone and the heart.

The cameras came to 3T to see the lasers at work on some of the 4000 layers of the lattice and the titanium lattice frame emerge from the DMLS machine.

(3T features between 4 minutes 54 and 6 minutes 05)

The baton will visit 70 Countries and Territories of the Commonwealth, travelling 190,000kms over 288 days and will be back in Glasgow for the start of next summer’s Games.

Image of Commonwealth Baton

Commonwealth Baton showing more details


Queen launches the Commonwealth Baton Relay

Queen launches the Commonwealth Baton Relay






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