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Industrial Case Studies

  • Snow Machine with Plastic AM Nozzle

    Snow machines benefit from Plastic AM

    Snow Business is using Plastic AM to produce the nozzles for their falling snow machines, taking advantage of 3T’s fast turnaround and finishing techniques, thereby saving them considerable time and expense compared to previous methods. The aerodynamic performance of the nozzle is enhanced, and they have the ability to quickly change and test a design …

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  • Gear change hydraulic actuator system

    Gear change hydraulic actuator system

    Designed for electronic twin-clutch gear change in a high-performance vehicle, the original gear change hydraulic actuator system was machined from two aluminium blocks and assembled using bolts. The hydraulic pathways were conventionally drilled and plugged, creating multiple right-angle bends. The brief was to review the part and redesign it to take advantage of the benefits of additive manufacturing.

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  • FANUC Robotics - vision engineering solution

    FANUC Robotics – vision engineering solution

    FANUC Robotics, one of the world’s leading companies in factory automation, has integrated cameras onto its robotic arms. This “vision engineering system” effectively enables a robot to see an object’s location, orientation, measurement and identity giving the robot the flexibility to handle items of different shapes and size at the same time. On a fast moving production line the expensive camera can be vulnerable to damage. FANUC came to 3T looking for a housing that offered good protection whilst retaining quick access to the camera.

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  • VR Technology - better finished production parts

    VR Technology – better finished production parts

    VR Technology is the world’s most innovative diving technology company. It makes diving equipment such as dive computers and underwater breathing equipment and has a world-wide market and reputation.

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