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Defence Case Studies

The defence sector has been quick to seize on the benefits of Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing – both metal and plastic – and we work with a broad range of customers in this sector. Often, manufacturers in the defence industry are producing in low volumes, and so turn to AM for cost effective and rapid solutions.

We also work with customers at the start of the product development cycle producing prototypes which help prove designs.

Additive Manufacturing can produce complex structures which are impossible to produce using traditional subtractive manufacturing.  This means designers have more scope to create parts which are more efficient – for example by combining multiple parts into one or creating a part that can perform more than one function (eg:  a part that combines structural strength with cooling chambers).

The defence industry also uses AM to reduce weight in moving objects, increasing the efficiency of an object and reducing its carbon footprint.

A further consideration is that EMC shielding can be achieved on our plastic AM parts by coating or plating with a metal substrate.

  • Lloyds Register Part

    Titanium AM part approved by Lloyd’s Register

    3T RPD has produced a Titanium Gateway Manifold for pipelines using their metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology, and it has just been certified as the first additively manufactured part for the Oil and Gas industry by global engineering firm Lloyd’s Register.

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  • Close up of 3D printed Gear Box Housing and Heat Exchanger

    R&D project gives 100% production quality assurance

    3T’s latest R&D project aims to give customers 100% production quality assurance in their metal 3D Printed parts by developing an automated non-destructive inspection process to identify any internal or external defects such as porosity, internal cracks, microstructural defects and trapped powder, along with their location …

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  • Specialised imaging uses am for high speed success

    Specialised Imaging uses AM for high speed success

    Specialised Imaging (SI) is a camera manufacturer with a difference, producing some of the fastest cameras currently available worldwide. The standard “off the shelf” SLR will take around 3 frames per second (fps), whilst a “top of the range” model might give up to 60 fps.

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  • Submergence/MSub - UUV's modelled using AM

    Submergence/MSub – UUV’s modelled using AM

    US firm Submergence Group LLC specialises in the design, fabrication and operation of experimental submersible vehicles, otherwise known as UUV’s (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles). Having been asked by the US Navy to produce a large UUV for testing at sea, MSubs Ltd, under contract to Submergence Group, designed and constructed the MASTT (Mobile Anti-Submarine Training Target) vehicle in just 13 months at their base in Plymouth, Devon.

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