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Consumer Goods Case Studies

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    Titanium Glasses using Metal Additive Manufacturing

    Eye Venture Ltd is using 3T’s metal Additive Manufacturing services to produce lightweight frames for their Aviator and Navigator styles in Titanium. Based in New Zealand, they are proud to have them ‘Made in England’ and have a solid partner for their exclusive eyewear range …

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  • Bike Stem on Metal AM build platform

    Lightweight Bike Stem using metal AM

    As a partner in the TSB funded SAVING Project, we built a bike stem with a complex internal lattice structure to reduce its weight whilst maintaining its aero dynamicity and strength ...

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  • Snow Machine with Plastic AM Nozzle

    Snow machines benefit from Plastic AM

    Snow Business is using Plastic AM to produce the nozzles for their falling snow machines, taking advantage of 3T’s fast turnaround and finishing techniques, thereby saving them considerable time and expense compared to previous methods. The aerodynamic performance of the nozzle is enhanced, and they have the ability to quickly change and test a design …

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  • Mounts For Web

    From Prototype to Production to Sales in weeks

    Newly formed company RaceWare Direct is using 3T’s plastic Additive Manufacturing services to produce bespoke Garmin mounts for road and race bikes, going from prototype to production to consumer sales in just a matter of weeks …

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  • AM produces bespoke Garmin mounts

    AM produces bespoke Garmin mounts

    Whether cycling for pleasure or in a race or time trial, many cyclists use a GPS computer to monitor their performance, distance and speed, or for computerised navigation. However, a common problem is that the only place they can be mounted is on the vertical stem of the handle bars, making the screen very difficult for riders to see without looking directly downwards which isn’t particularly safe, especially when racing!

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  • Personalisation of Titanium part

    Personalisation of Titanium part

    The tie clip was built in Titanium on an M280. The M280’s 400 watt laser meant the clip was built faster and with finer detailing than previous DMLS machines.

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  • RPG Manufacturing - model success

    RPG Manufacturing – model success

    RPG Manufacturing is a new company that makes miniature models for collectors, wargamers and role playing. They are focusing on producing accurate models and came to 3T to discover if additive manufacturing (AM) could play a part in producing models.

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  • FANUC Robotics - vision engineering solution

    FANUC Robotics – vision engineering solution

    FANUC Robotics, one of the world’s leading companies in factory automation, has integrated cameras onto its robotic arms. This “vision engineering system” effectively enables a robot to see an object’s location, orientation, measurement and identity giving the robot the flexibility to handle items of different shapes and size at the same time. On a fast moving production line the expensive camera can be vulnerable to damage. FANUC came to 3T looking for a housing that offered good protection whilst retaining quick access to the camera.

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  • Steri-Spray - prototype appears on Dragons' Den

    Steri-Spray – prototype appears on Dragons’ Den

    Having obtained funding from BBC Two's Dragon's Den, Ian Helmore asked 3T to produce over 20 individual components that make up his SteriSpray shower system including inserts, tubes, back plates, covers, connectors and the shower rose itself. The specialist team at 3T then expertly finished and painted the parts, making them look like the final manufactured product ...

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  • Stewart Golf - functional model and quality finish

    Stewart Golf – functional model and quality finish

    Stewart Golf design, develop and manufacture luxury powered golf caddies and is proud to lead the industry through continued product development, innovation and engineering. Their products are built to the highest standards, use the most advanced technology and enjoy a distinctive, individual character.

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