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Whether it’s a prototype concept car, a production car or a racing car, Additive Manufacturing is likely to have played a part in its development.

We work with a wide range of customers and engineers in the automotive sector, producing parts that solve specific engineering issues.

For example, our concept heat exchanger has created a huge response from automotive design engineers across the whole industry.  The heat exchanger demonstrates that AM parts can deliver a lighter part, that is optimised for performance ensuring functional strength and structural integrity that fits into an irregular space.  And the component is then made using the exact amount of material required to perform its function – cutting out not only weight but also production costs.  Thus the AM part outperforms its subtractive manufactured alternative hands down.

Making automotive parts from Titanium or Inconel automatically brings a weight reduction and with automotive engineers frequently working to tight deadlines, the speed from concept, through design to final part when using AM is a huge benefit.

There are many benefits for the automotive sector in exploring all that Additive Manufacturing can offer.

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Concept Roll Hoop using metal Additive Manufacturing

Concept Roll Hoop using metal Additive Manufacturing