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Automotive industry embracing benefits of 3D Printing

18 November 2016 ...

We couldn’t agree more with a recent report about how the automotive industry is embracing the benefits of 3D Printing. We work with many leading companies in the automotive sector to produce prototype and production parts using plastic and metal Additive Manufacturing technologies.

The report by Scott Dunham, Vice President of Research at SmarTech Publishing, states that a real benefit of 3D printing lies in prototyping, as it allows designers to CAD up a part, get it built within a couple of days, and then modify if necessary before getting the next iteration produced or going into production, without the need for expensive and time-consuming tooling.

In the fast moving environment of F1, this is a much quicker and more efficient process when compared to traditional prototyping methods, and this is demonstrated by our concept F1 Roll Hoop produced using Metal Additive Manufacturing.  Further examples are headlamps and tail-light casings for Rimac Automobili and inlet manifolds for BRC Automotive.

Read Dunham’s full report here.






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