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Design for AM

How do engineers get the best out of Additive Manufacturing (AM), sometimes known as 3D printing? Is it true that engineers can simply transpose their designs based on extractive manufacturing for use in Additive Manufacturing? The answer to both these questions is that in order for engineers to get the best out of AM their component or product needs to …

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A Short History of 3T RPD

Since its establishment in 1999 3T RPD has been at the forefront of Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing. The company began as a Service Bureau, making Plastic Rapid Prototypes and Metal Rapid Tooling. Since then we have gone from strength to strength and now is probably a good moment to look back at our development since then. 1999 …

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Oil And Gas Infographic June 2017

Additive Manufacturing for the Oil & Gas industry

Having produced the first additively manufactured (AM) part for the Oil and Gas industry, we’re working closely with the sector to explore other ways in which this innovative technology can produce complex, lightweight parts. The Titanium Gateway Manifold for pipelines has been certified by global engineering firm Lloyd’s Register. Virtually impossible to manufacture using traditional methods, the part went through …

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Aviation Graphic Jan 2017

Fly Away with 3D Printing

The summer holidays are almost over and thousands, perhaps millions, of people have flown away from the UK to foreign shores during the last 6 weeks. Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing, has become a key part of the Aerospace industry, and is becoming an important component in engine, airframe and fitting manufacture. We have produced a series of …

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One Stop Shop Banner

Additive Manufacturing One Stop Shop

3T RPD recently launched the UK’s first production Additive Manufacturing (AM) ‘One Stop Shop’. Our new finishing facility augments our front-end process services such as design for AM, R+D, training, NPI and powder management. And our high quality finishing capability ensures that we are able to:- Supply the complete AM process chain from design to delivery Ensure customer satisfaction Tightly control the complete AM …

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CAD To Innovation

CAD to Innovation

Have you ever wondered what processes a component goes through from CAD to completion? To show you how it’s done we have created a video showing the whole CAD process for a plastic product, from design to final production.

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Renewable Energy Infographic June 2017

Additive Manufacturing blows the wind of change through renewables

The key publication for the wind power generation industry, Windpower Monthly, has recently called Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D Printing, a “game changing” technology for the wind and renewable power industries. It hails AM as the best way to eliminate labour-intensive, manufacturing and assembly processes in the manufacture of 3D printed wind turbines. (It also hails the US …

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Atlas in Space – 3D Printing in Space

With an Atlas rocket launch due today, 3 August 2017, we thought it poignant to talk about how Additive Manufacturing (AM) is playing a huge part in space travel. There have been more than 600 Atlas launches from NASA’s Cape Canaveral. This might give the impression that satellite launches and space travel is becoming run-of-the-mill, but each launch is the …

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Cycling Infographic July 2017

Le Tour et Fini – The Tour De France is (almost!) over

Le Tour is almost over and the winner will have battled with his team against mountains, cobbles, rain, seering sunshine and his own self doubt to win the right to wear the winner’s jersey. Starting in Düsseldorf, Germany, the riders have travelled through four countries and all parts of l’hexagon, as the French call their country. The final day is …

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Silverstone Logo

Sunday is British Grand Prix Day

This weekend is the highlight of the British Autosport Calendar, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Sitting half way through the season the legendary British Grand Prix, is a place where reputations are made. Formula 1 is a significant user of Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D Printing. Teams rely on AM from 3T RPD in their engines, exhaust, …

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