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AM creating parts on demand

18 July 2016 ...

A recent news item from the World’s largest truck manufacturer Mercedes-Benz explains how Additive Manufacturing (AM) is being used to replace their current massive inventory of spare parts.  Through the use of plastic AM (3D Printing) they can obtain spare parts as and when they’re required, at the push of a button!

This philosophy was the subject of a recent documentary filmed at our premises in Newbury, Berkshire, by Forces TV, where they asked the question “Could 3D Printing revolutionise the way in which the Forces are supplied on the frontline, potentially putting the quartermaster out of business?”

It certainly seems likely, given that the technology we use can produce accurate parts quickly and cost-effectively, with guaranteed repeatability.  Obsolete parts can also be built, removing the need for expensive, time-consuming tooling.

Exciting times not only car manufacturers, as this opens up new manufacturing opportunities for the aerospace, medical, marine and defence sectors.

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