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Additive Manufacturing (AM) Makes Christmas

06 December 2016 ...

Kitsch Christmas commercials on the television have become as much a tradition in the UK as Christmas parties, cards and Christmas trees. This year McDonalds has released a strong contender in the saccharine stakes for Christmas 2016 with its sugar coated Juliette advert, which features as its central characters an AM (additive manufacturing) produced leading lady and a love interest.

The ad, by design agency Leo Burnett, shows the 3d printed doll, Juliette, trapped in a toy shop and pining for the joys of the McDonalds restaurant on the opposite side of the road. On Christmas Eve she manages to escape the shop for the McDonalds and there she meets her true love Meteor Mike. He is another AM (additive manufacturing) produced doll, a space toy, they depart together and live (we assume) happily ever after.

Not only is the ad rather sweet, but it also shows the possibilities of AM production. It is reported that Juliette and Meteor Mike were both created from a short run of production parts that were assembled in different combinations for the film shoot. It also acts as a prime example of how complex and complicated shapes can be produced by using AM as the means of production. Meteor Mike’s shape is all pockets and accessories which would be extremely difficult to efficiently produce in a short run by using any other method of production. Once Juliette and Mike were assembled from their different parts animators were able to combine live action and CGI to produce their rather heart-warming advert.

Our own experience not only spans that of creating production parts for BAE Systems and Formula 1 teams but we are regularly creating AM and 3D printed parts for short run plastics and modelling projects. 3T RPD has created artworks, jewellery and yes even individual dolls for collectors.

The McDonalds advert is an excellent reminder that the opportunities for AM are limitless and that the end result of this flexible production method can not only be short run AM parts for cars and aircraft, but it can also be a healthy dose of Christmas cheer.


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