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The future of additive manufacturing in aerospace

23 January 2013 ...

January 2013’s issue of ‘Aerospace Manufacturing‘ has an article looking at the future of additive manufacturing (or additive layer manufacturing) in the aerospace industry.  It presents an interesting round up of the current state of play and looks to the future.

The article makes the point that EADS believes:

“… planes might be made this way [AM] by the middle of the century.”  and journalist, Lou Reade points out that:  “That’s just 37 years in the future.  Look back by that amount of time, to 1976: could engineers then have imagined a plane that was more than 50% carbon fibre?”

3T’s Ian Halliday says:  “We’ve got to the point where major [aerospace] companies are comfortable that AM is a significant technology.  They’ve identified the components that might be suitable for AM production.  But it will only be one of their production tools.”

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