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Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the air

20 January 2017 ...

We have been asked recently which aircraft parts are being manufactured by Additive Manufacturing (AM) today. On researching the market and looking at the products that we manufacture for our own customers we found that there is a wide range of products which are being made by AM. There is an amazing array of parts that are in the air today and this number is set to grow.

To highlight the number of products which are being made by AM and flying in aircraft around the world we have produced this infographic.

Infographic detailing the additive manufactured parts in the aerospace industry

Parts made by AM range from ducts, hinges, brackets, buckles and even fuel nozzles to legacy parts for aircraft no longer in production. Production parts made by Additive Manufacturing are an ideal way for Aero companies to reduce component weight, increase strength and minimise complexity so that they can meet today’s stringent fuel saving requirements.

You can link to a pdf of the infographic here. If you would like to know more about how 3T RPD could use AM to manufacture your production parts call us on +44 (0) 1635 580 284 or email us to discuss your project.




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