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3T RPD – Year In Industry Student makes Regional Finals

05 July 2017 ...

Wills by his display at the Regional Finals

As one of the UK’s leading production Additive Manufacturing (AM) companies, 3T RPD is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of engineers through its own apprenticeship programme and by taking part in the EDT Student Year In Industry scheme.  This scheme gives students the opportunity to work at 3T as a ‘gap year’ between Year 13 at school and going to University. Usually they go on to study Engineering and then return to the engineering industry after Uni. The scheme augments their studies enabling them to be fully prepared for a career working in the engineering sector.

The term Year In Industry is a bit of a mouthful so participants on the scheme are inevitably called YinI’s by members of staff.  Our YinI’s bear the title with some pride and form an energetic part of the 3T RPD workforce as they prepare to become the next generation of leaders in industry using the skills they have learnt with us and their Uni degree. At the end of the year YinI students take part in a national competition where they make a presentation based on the work they have been doing while on the scheme.

All our YinIs always do well in the annual YinI presentation competition. One YinI, Beth McDaniel, who is going on to read engineering at Loughborough, made the Regional Semi-Finals, and our other, Wills Bloom (also known as Charles), made it to the Regional Finals. At the Finals, Wills made a detailed presentation about the part he has played in examining 3T’s finishing processes. His presentation was backed up with an innovative video and display which helped him to further explain his work.

Wills said “The presentation was a fantastic way to top off my year at 3T RPD. The competition has been a great experience and I look forward to taking what I’ve learnt at 3T and in the competition on to Uni.”.

As Wills prepares for becoming an engineering student at Sheffield Uni,  3T RPD is preparing to accept the next round of YinIs and looks forward to helping them prepare for Uni and their later career as engineers and managers of the future.

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