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3T RPD Takes Part in Swiss Conference

03 July 2017 ...

Alexandre Pfister, 3T RPD’s Business Development Manager, recently spoke about 3T RPD Additive Manufacturing (AM) at the EPHJ-EPMT-SMT conference, which took place at Geneva, Switzerland in June.

His panel discussed the needs of companies which were interested in combining Additive Manufacturing, into their production processes in the near future. In his role as panel speaker, Alexandre was able to present the possibilities of industrial Additive Manufacturing from a ‘one-stop-shop’ like 3T RPD for Swiss and Continental companies. He discussed, as part of the panel discussion, what barriers companies faced in order to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that AM presents for manufacturing, today and in the future.

In a panel that consisted of academics and industrial AM suppliers, Alexandre, argued that the costs of scaling up from trial AM to production AM were very high for new users. As this was the case, he presented an alternative to setting up an in-house AM production line, whereby companies, worked with a specialist bureau such as 3T RPD, in order to short cut the process. He noted that 3T RPD is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of AM production parts and therefore had already made the key investments to be able to ensure repeatability and consistency in production parts.

In his presentation and subsequent panel discussion, Alexandre, was also able to explain that AM production was more than simply taking a CAD design and loading it in to the machine. He described the need to have the ability to redesign parts to take advantages of AM production, the R&D capability to understand the materials’ characteristics, the high quality machines combined with the processes, such as NPI and PPAP to manage production. Finally, as AM is usually part of a production system, it is also important to have full finishing facilities. It is in having this breadth of facilities, supported by ISO 9001 and AS 9100 accreditations that 3T RPD really adds value to AM production.

Once the presentations and panel discussions had finished Alexandre was able to carry on the discussion with several interested potential customers, which looked forward to opening commercial discussions with 3T shortly after the conference.

You can read a press report about the conference by clicking on the image below:


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