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3T RPD races to Birmingham

17 January 2017 ...

Last week 3T RPD took part in the Autosport International exhibition at the NEC. Ian Halliday, CEO, said; “Motorsport is one of our most important markets and Additive Manufacturing (AM) provides autosport teams with a lot of advantages. We wanted to attend the show to demonstrate what Additive Manufacturing and 3T can do for them”

3T RPD has a strong heritage of working with Formula 1 and motorsports teams around the world. AM and 3D printing has a number of benefits for motorsport teams since we are able to reduce the mass of critical components which gives teams significant weight savings. This, in turn, has helped teams to improve their cars’ performance and efficiency on the track. In addition to the weight savings, AM production can help simplify manufacture by reducing the number of parts needed to make components, which helps simplify customers inventory and reduce costs.

Our CEO Ian talks about the show below:


3D printed cuboid manifold

An example of how 3T RPD can make complex shapes was our innovative test piece, a cuboid manifold which was made on our M400 machine. This was the ‘belle of the ball’ attracting attention from team owners and engineers who wanted to know how it was made. Many of the visitors wondered whether it would be possible to manufacture the manifold’s complex tube shapes and support structures by traditional means at all. The answer to this question is an emphatic no, as only AM provides the opportunity to intertwine the tubes and create the complex and light support structure, but it was interesting speculating with visitors.

The exhibition was a magnet for autosport celebrities, and our stand was visited by Ed from the world famous motor show, Wheeler Dealers, looking to see how 3D printing and Additive Manufacture could be used in his next project.

If you would like to talk to 3T RPD about how AM and 3D printing can help improve the performance of your autosport team, contact us on +44 (0) 1635 580 284 or


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