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12th year of Christmas Charity donations

08 January 2014 ...

For the 12th year running, 3T will donate the money they would have spent on traditional Christmas cards to a worthy cause via an e-card to their customers and suppliers – for every person that responds via a link to their website, £1 is donated to the nominated charity, and staff also donate rather than sending cards to each other.

This year they will be donating £197.20 to the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG), a charity which has very personal connections to the company.  Although childhood cancer treatment is rightly regarded as a great success, it should not be forgotten that, still today, three out of ten children diagnosed with cancer will not survive their disease. CCLG is committed to ongoing research and development in treatments and their ultimate aim is to maximise cure while minimising the early and late side effects of treatment.

Sue Burnip, 3T’s Marketing Executive, said “With digital marketing, online communication and social media becoming ever more the norm, the majority of our marketing communications are via these channels.  With the added bonus of a worthy cause benefitting, our customers and suppliers welcome our charitable efforts every year.  Over the last 12 years we have donated about £3,500 to various charities, and we always try to support those that have personal connections to the company.”

Further information about the CCLG can be found on their website.







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