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TSB funding for thin walled structures study

21 August 2012 ...

3T is to lead a Government funded feasibility study in to the use of Titanium thin walled structures made using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS).  The study is being undertaken with support of a grant from the Government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) as part of a £20 million Government initiative to stimulate growth-creating technology innovation.

Lightweight structures and materials are increasingly in demand for high value products by the UK’s manufacturing sectors.  As 3T is the largest UK bureau supplying these products to UK industries using DMLS, an additive manufacturing process, the company is well placed to undertake the study.  The project will seek to establish the current limitations of the process in the manufacture of thin walled structures made in titanium.  Advances in this technique are expected to have applications in industrial sectors ranging from aerospace components to medical devices.

Further information is availiable from:
The TSB Driving Innovation website or a download of the full press release

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