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How can I have my parts finished?

25 March 2013 ...

The plastic AM process utilises layer based construction techniques which, whilst offering significant benefits in terms of build speed, have the disadvantage that the surface finish of the component is stepped. From the purely functional aspect this is seldom a problem, however from the aesthetic perspective this frequently requires hand dressing and texturing. Full details are available on our Plastic AM Finishes page.

Metal AM parts will typically go through a series of ‘post processing’ steps including support removal, shot peening and polishing by our team of expert finishers.  Parts are 99.99% dense and require no post-sintering or other infiltration process. Dependent upon the material used we can offer a range of in-house finishing and, through our select supplier network, we can support all of our customers’ requirements including materials treatments, coatings and independent measurement verification. Full details are available on our Metal AM Finishes page.