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Plastic AM builds large single piece

03 April 2014 ...

Assa Ashuach Studio in London designed the Femur Stool using software that uses an algorithm to remove any redundant material according to stress zones on the object surface, optimised the carry a load of 120kg. An optimisation of the exterior and material use was made to achieve a light and economical form.

Assa then asked us to produce the stool in Nylon using our Plastic Additive Manufacturing process (also known as 3D Printing). Built on one of our largest Plastic AM machines, the stool was built in a single piece to retain its strength, with the longest dimension being almost 600mm. By creating a design with any unnecessary material removed from it, it was more economical to produce with a much faster build time.

Watch Assa’s video of how the design was created and some stunning images of the finished Plastic AM stool:-

Firstly exhibited at London Design Museum, the Femur Stool is now on display at the Science Museum, and will go on display at the Geffrye Museum and a new Design Museum international traveling exhibition in the future.

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