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Economist – Third Industrial Revolution

30 April 2012 ...

The Economist’s latest Special Report “A Third Industrial Revolution” presents a comprehensive review of 3D printing written by Paul Markillie.  The report looks at the full range of 3D printing – or additive manufacturing – and looks at the impact the technology will have on the manufacturing sector.  The article “Solid Print” points out that making things with a 3D printer changes the rules of manufacturing and also that the technology frees designers from the constraints of traditional factories allowing them to produce things that were previously considered too complex to manufacture economically.

He uses, as an example, an extract from 3T’s Ian Halliday EuroMold presentation.  Ian presented a case study that demonstrates that fluids flow more efficiently through rounded channels rather than around sharp corners.  It would be very difficult to make rounded channels inside a solid metal structure by traditional manufacturing techniques.  However, using additive manufacturing, it can be done easily.

The full article is on The Economist website.  If you are unable to access The Economist articles, please drop us an email and we’ll happily send a version out to you.

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